How To Install Our Field-Installable Foot Guards

August 2, 2022 in Product Specific

At RWM Casters, we know that time is money, and the faster you can install our field-installable foot guards, the sooner you can get back to work. Our foot guards are designed to save you money and reduce the risk of injuries that can sideline your personnel. Our reputation for excellence and the quality of our foot guards are why you will find them installed on carts and equipment within factories, hospitals, warehouses, data centers, and more. Indeed, the ease of installation and the durable protection they provide make our foot guards ideal for every industry and practically every application.

5 Easy Installation Steps

Step 1: Line Up the Holes

This is crucial for ensuring a secure fit that won’t interfere with the wheel’s rotation. Take extra care to ensure that the caster is centered within the Field Installable Foot Guard.

Step 2: Mark the Hole Placement

Using a punch, create a clear mark on the plate to identify where the hole should be drilled.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Make sure to use the appropriately sized metal drill bit to drill completely through the plate.

Step 4:  Tap the Holes

This will remove any burrs from within the hole and ensure a secure fit for the screw.

Step 5: Screw the Foot Guard Onto the Caster Rim

Once attached, you will want to confirm that the caster rolls freely and isn’t hitting the foot guard. If it is, you will want to adjust the alignment so that the caster is properly centered.

It’s that simple, and the process of installing a single field-installable foot guard onto the caster shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. In most cases, a skilled workman should be able to complete installation on a set of four in less than half an hour.

a field-installable foot guard from RWM installed on a casterEasy Foot Protection for Every Industry

Workers’ compensation claims aren’t just expensive to cover; they cost you time and money on the production line. Protecting your employees from foot and heel injuries helps ensure your production schedules stay on course. Our field-installable foot guards can be installed on a wide array of 2-inch wide casters, including the popular 46, 48, and 65. The guards are available in 4×2, 5×2, 6×2, and 8×2 configurations, making it easy to find the perfect guard for your specific casters.

Further, our field installable-foot guards are sold as a kit with everything you need to complete the installation. There’s no hunting for screws, nuts, or bolts, as we provide everything you need to securely affix the guard to your caster. All you need is to allocate a few minutes of your time to enjoy long-lasting protection within your workplace.

Contact RWM at (800) 634-7704 to learn more about the advantages of installing field-installable foot guards on your carts and equipment. We’re happy to give you the answers you need to help you create a safer workplace and protect your employees.


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