New Interactive CAD PDF Datasheets!

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One of the best features RWM provides on our website is the CAD download system. It allows our customers to come to our website and put in the specifications they want in order to download a digital 3D model rendering of that product.

We are pleased to announce a new, improved PDF datasheet that can be acquired through the CAD download system. The new PDF datasheet includes important dimensions and product specifications to aid in choosing the best caster product for your application. On top of the new features, you can find and download new, more detailed drawings and specifications sheets for over half a million products straight from our site:

We understand it can be difficult to know exactly which caster you are looking for among the hundreds of thousands of options. For this reason, we wanted to provide a way to download a PDF datasheet that shows exact dimensions and specifications, as well as an interactive 3D model.

The process is simple:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Caster Series or Wheel you would like to view.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign in to CAD models
  • Use the drop-down options to create the specific caster/wheel you need
  • Click the tab labeled “CAD Download”
  • Use the drop-down and scroll down to the option labeled “PDF Datasheet”
  • Click “Generate CAD”
  • Click the generated link to Download

And You’re Done!

Here’s an example of the new PDF Datasheet:

modex 2020 show

Expedite finding the right caster by utilizing RWM’s CAD download system. Don’t see what you need? Looking for a special product? Contact RWM at

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