RWM Casters Are Made in the USA: Why Does That Matter to You?

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Why Our American-Made Casters Are the Best Choice

At RWM, we believe delivering a quality product is a business’s most valuable asset. To achieve this, we hire and train the best people, and our teams are committed to producing quality products our clients can rely on for their needs.

Whether our casters and wheels are pushing a cart through a factory, ferrying vital medical supplies through a hospital, or helping guests navigate a luggage cart through a hallway, you can rely on our products to perform without fail. 

Equally as important, we believe that delivering products to the domestic market also means creating products that support the domestic economy. When we stamp the “Made in the USA” label on our products, your purchase supports the economy of central North Carolina and the communities where we source materials and distribute our products. 

Made in the USA stamped into red metal

Why American-Made is Better for Business

On the surface, purchasing foreign-made products is often cheaper, faster, and more cost-effective. The fact is that the opposite is true. Buying American-made products can save you money in the short and long run, help streamline your operations, and make reordering parts in the future easier. There are many reasons businesses seek out the coveted “Made in the USA” label, including:

  • Faster delivery: Pandemics, global conflicts, changing climates, and natural disasters have a proven ability to snarl supply chains. From reducing traffic through the Panama or Suez Canal to closing harbors and factories in foreign lands, there’s no way to predict when the next event will tie up your order. Conversely, goods made in the USA don’t have as far to travel and don’t have as many obstacles to face, which means they get to your door faster and more reliably than foreign-sourced orders. 
  • Fewer middlemen: Shipments from outside the USA pass from factory to distributor to customs and numerous other hands before they are even transported. Each hand takes a cut of the shipment’s profits and takes time. Moreover, more hands mean more opportunities for mistakes and loss to occur. When you buy products made in the United States, there are far fewer steps to take before the shipment arrives at your facility.
  • Faster turnaround: Need a customized order? Need it now? When you purchase from a local manufacturer, you can customize every product element quickly and to your precise specifications. 
  • Reliable standards: From labor laws to environmental regulations,  products made in the USA are governed by a broad range of rules that ensure workplace safety, fair wages, and consumer-safe products. At RWM, we care for our workers so they can care for our clients. 

How We Engineer to Outperform

Quality products begin on the drawing board. At RWM, our forward-thinking design teams always think of ways to improve and enhance the wheels and casters our clients require.

We closely monitor developments in design trends, available materials, regulatory changes, evolving work environments, and other factors to design products that deliver superior performance and enhanced reliability for the modern workplace. 

We also invest heavily in training and manufacturing technologies so that our teams have the advanced skills to produce superior-quality products effectively. This allows us to create reproducible results with the highest accuracy and precision. Whether you need a single custom wheel or a thousand copies of the same caster, our processes ensure that each product from our facility is the same.   

Choose RWM Casters for American Excellence

Since 1935, RWM Casters has proudly served clients throughout the country. From the day we opened to the present, our “Made in the USA” label represents the quality and attention to detail we pour into everything we manufacture. When you want reliable solutions that deliver exceptional performance, you can depend on our team to deliver casters and wheels that will keep your business moving forward.

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