The Ultimate Super Capacity Low Profile Solution

December 4, 2019 in Product Specific

Do you have a super capacity job requiring the lowest profile casters possible, but cannot find the right solution? RWM’s SuperCompact casters pair the highest capacities, built around RWM’s original industry leading Kingpinless caster design, with the lowest height profiles possible. RWM Kingpinless SuperCompact casters are for jobs that require higher capacity loads that need to be made mobile with limited space available. The SuperCompact caster is available in six standard offerings with custom design and manufacturing capabilities for an assortment of potential application specific uses; all while supporting capacities of up to 32,000 lbs. All RWM kingpinless products, including the SuperCompact casters, are made in the USA. For more information check out the SuperCompact product page at!
If you are interested or have any questions about RWM’s SuperCompact Caster Series you can contact our team online at or by calling 800-634-7704.

Check out the SuperCompact page here!