Ultra Quiet, Shock Absorbing Omega Wheel

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The RWM Omega Wheel is perfect for towline caster applications to dampen vibration and reduce noise such as in automotive plants, aerospace ground support or dark rides. It can carry high loads at increased speeds, while resisting chunking and tearing when traveling over rough surfaces and sharp objects. By flexing and absorbing impact generally transferred to the equipment on which it sits, the Omega Wheel keeps working environments quieter than standard casters with field testing showing noise reductions of as much as 13.8dBa.

The unique spoke structure is designed to buckle at deflections in the floor. Due to the elasticity of the special polyurethane, the web and spokes return to their original configuration and continue to carry the load.

Have a noisy application? Want to improve the workplace for employees or reduce vibration and increase shock absorption without spending big money on a shock absorbing caster on an important project? Contact RWM for proven performance which is Engineered to Outperform!

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