Understanding the Benefits of the Kingpinless Design

February 20, 2020 in Product Specific

RWM Casters is proud to be known as the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster while perfecting an original design that has never been improved upon by others. RWM’s Kingpinless caster has become one of the most emulated casters in the industry today due to its design eliminating the most common cause of caster failure. Our heavy duty Kingpinless™ Casters are the recognized best solution for demanding industrial caster and wheel applications. Some benefits of the Kingpinless caster include:

Vastly reduced raceway wear,

Elimination of the “pull apart” forces of stress in the swivel section

Smoother swiveling action

Exceptional maneuverability

Longer service life and less maintenance

Extra impact resistance

High radial force absorption

 For a more detailed breakdown on the Kingpinless design check out the graphic below.

Kingpinless Benefits Snip

To learn more about RWM’s Kingpinless Casters check out our page here: https://www.rwmcasters.com/products/casters/kingpinless-casters/

If you are interested in RWM’s Kingpinless Casters or have questions about the benefits of its design, you can contact us at 800-634-7704 or by emailing customerservice@rwmcasters.com