2-85 Series Casters

2-85 Series Casters

Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters

RWM’s 2-85 Series Kingpinless™ Dual-Wheel Casters feature all of the benefits of our patented Kingpinless™ raceway and offer twice the capacity load. Dual-wheel casters offer high weight capacities with minimal overall heights, better load distribution, floor protection, and mobility than single-wheel casters. This is a result of spreading the weight over a wider floor area while offering wheel differential action, resulting in less friction between the wheels and the floor, requiring less effort for the caster to swivel. Our 2-85 Series Casters are proudly made in the U.S.!

Features & Advantages of 2-85 Casters

There are many benefits to choosing RWM’s 2-85 Kingpinless Casters for your applications. Among the most important is wheel selection. The 2-85 Series pairs greatly with many of RWM’s wheels, including Durastan, solid urethane, urethane on iron, cast iron, Nylatron HD, forged steel, rubber on iron, and more. Further, we manufacture the casters to pair with wheels with 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-inch diameters with 3- to 5-inch wheel widths. This allows you to select a caster with a capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.

This gives you a considerable advantage because it makes it possible to select a caster with the ideal weight and carrying capacity. Moreover, it makes it possible to select a caster that is ideally suited for your operational environment. This reduces wear and tear, will prolong the serviceable life span of your caster, and makes it easier for your employees to safely and efficiently move everything from raw materials to finished products.



Raceway Design Patented Kingpinless™ single ball bearing precision machined raceway hardened to 53 Rockwell C minimum. 4-1/4” diameter raceway with 5/8” ball bearings.
Capacity Up to 10000 lbs.
Leg Thickness 3/8” double welded.
Axle 3/4” bolt and nut for 3” wide, 1” or 1-1/4” bolt and nut for 4” wide, 1-1/4” bolt and nut for 5” wide.
Finish Laguna blue powder coat.
Wheels 3” wide wheels are available with either a 1” roller bearing that rotates on 3/4” x 1” x 3-9/16” hardened and ground spanner bushings or 3/4” tapered bearings that rotate on a 3/4” axle. 4” and 5” wheels are available with either a 1-1/4” I.D. roller bearing which rotates on hardened and ground spanner bushings or 1- 1/4” tapered bearings which rotate on the axle. All wheels are equipped with lubrication fitting.
Mounting Plate Size 6” x 7”
Bolt Hole Spacing 4-5/8” x 5-1/2”, slotted to 4- 3/8” to 5-5/8”
Mounting Bolt Diameter 1/2”
Mounting Plate Thickness 1/2”


Tow Line Boat & ship molding and building
Abusive Conditions Storage tanks & gantries
Automotive Shock load applications
Aerospace Production line dollies
Metal fabricating Heavy machinery
Military equipment Heavy machinery
Tractor pulled trailers Extreme duty platform trucks
Air cargo & ground support equipment Heavy-duty processing equipment
Kingpinless Raceway Diagram


CWB Cam Wheel Brake
PCWB Poly Cam Wheel Brake
8 SL 8 Position Swivel Lock
DSL Demountable Swivel Lock
HDSL Heavy Duty Demountable Swivel Lock
LSL L-Type Swivel Lock
SL Swivel Lock
VSL Vertical Swivel Lock
HT High Temperature Lubrication
LT Low Temperature Lubrication
HTP High Temperature Paint
ZP Zinc Plated
FG Foot Guard
NY Notched Yoke
SR Sealed Raceway
SWP Sweeper Brush
WS Wheel Seals
2-85 Series Casters
6"3″4000Solid Urethane8-1/2″2-85-MUB-0630-S1-9/16″24
6"3″4000Urethane on Iron8-1/2″2-85-UIR-0630-S2-85-UIT-0630-S1-9/16″33
6"3″6000Cast Iron8-1/2″2-85-CIR-0630-S2-85-CIT-0630-S1-9/16″39
6"3″10000Forged Steel8-1/2″2-85-FSR-0630-S2-85-FST-0630-S1-9/16″55
6"3″10000Nylatron HD8-1/2″2-85-NYB-0630-S1-9/16″23
8"3″1680Rubber on Iron10-1/2''2-85-RIR-0830-S2″50
8"3″3000Rubber on Aluminum-EHT10-1/2''2-85-RAB-0830-S-EHT2-85-RAT-0830-S-EHT2″40
8"3″3360Rubber on Iron-EHT10-1/2''2-85-RIR-0830-S-EHT2-85-RIT-0830-S-EHT2″50
8"3″5000Durastan10-1/2''2 - 85 - DUR - 0830 - S2″28
8"3″5000Solid Urethane10-1/2''2-85-MUB-0830-S2″28
8"3″5000Urethane on Iron10-1/2''2-85-UIR-0830-S2-85-UIT-0830-S2″52
8"3″6000Cast Iron10-1/2''2-85-CIR-0830-S2-85-CIT-0830-S2″49
8"3″10000Forged Steel10-1/2''2-85-FSR-0830-S2-85-FST-0830-S2″56
8"3″10000Nylatron HD10-1/2''2-85-NYB-0830-S2″29
8"4″7000Urethane on Iron10-1/2''2-85-UIR-0840-S2-85-UIT-0840-S2″64
8"4″8000Cast Iron10-1/2''2-85-CIR-0840-S2-85-CIT-0840-S2″68
8"4″10000Forged Steel10-1/2''2-85-FSR-0840-S2-85-FST-0840-S2″88
8"4″10000Nylatron HD10-1/2''2-85-NYB-0840-S2″36
10"3″2000Rubber on Iron12-1/2''2-85-RIR-1030-S2-85-RIT-1030-S2-1/2″54
10"3″4000Rubber on Aluminum-EHT12-1/2''2-85-RAB-1030-S-EHT2-85-RAT-1030-S-EHT2-1/2″61
10"3″4000Rubber on Iron12-1/2''2-85-RIR-1030-S2-85-RIT-1030-S2-1/2″54
10"3″6000Solid Urethane12-1/2''2-85-MUB-1030-S2-1/2″31
10"3″6000Urethane on Iron12-1/2''2-85-UIR-1030-S2-85-UIT-1030-S2-1/2″61
10"3″6800Ultra Thick Urethane12-1/2''2-85-UTR-1030-S2-85-UTT-1030-S2-1/2″64
10"3″8000Cast Iron12-1/2''2-85-CIR-1030-S2-85-CIT-1030-S2-1/2″74
10"3″10000Forged Steel12-1/2''2-85-FSR-1030-S2-85-FST-1030-S2-1/2″76
10"3″10000Nylatron HD12-1/2''2-85-NYB-1030-S2-1/2″46
10"4″8400Urethane on Iron12-1/2''2-85-UIR-1040-S2-85-UIT-1040-S2-1/2″76
10"4″9000Ultra Thick Urethane12-1/2''2-85-UTR-1040-S2-85-UTT-1040-S2-1/2″76
10"4″10000Cast Iron12-1/2''2-85-CIR-1040-S2-85-CIT-1040-S2-1/2″116
10"4″10000Forged Steel12-1/2''2-85-FSR-1040-S2-85-FST-1040-S2-1/2″110
10"4″10000Nylatron HD12-1/2''2-85-NYB-1040-S2-1/2″76
12"3″2280Rubber on Iron15-1/2''2-85-RIR-1230-S2-85-RIT-1230-S3-3/8″83
12"3″4560Rubber on Aluminum-EHT15-1/2''2-85-RAB-1230-S-EHT2-85-RAT-1230-S-EHT3-3/8″88
12"3″4560Rubber on Iron-EHT15-1/2''2-85-RIR-1230-S-EHT2-85-RIT-1230-S-EHT3-3/8″83
12"3″6800Urethane on Iron15-1/2''2-85-UIR-1230-S2-85-UIT-1230-S3-3/8″88
12"3″8200Ultra Thick Urethane15-1/2''2-85-UTR-12302-85-UTT-1230-S3-3/8″101
12"3″10000Cast Iron15-1/2''2-85-CIR-1230-S2-85-CIT-1230-S3-3/8″83
12"3″10000Nylatron HD15-1/2''2-85-NYB-1230-S3-3/8″51
12"4″9600Urethane on Iron15-1/2''2-85-UIR-1240-S2-85-UIT-1240-S3-3/8″96
12"4″10000Ultra Thick Urethane15-1/2''2-85-UTR-1240-S2-85-UTT-1240-S3-3/8″106
12"5″10000Ultra Thick Urethane15-1/2''2-85-UTR-1250-S2-85-UTT-1250-S3-3/8″155
12"5″10000Urethane on Iron15-1/2''2-85-UIR-1250-S2-85-UIT-1250-S3-3/8″155
12"6″10000Urethane on Iron15-1/2''2-85-UIR-1260-S2-85-UIT-1260-S3-3/8″180
14"3″9600Ultra Thick Urethane16-1/2"2-85-UTR-1430-S2-85-UTT-1430-S3-13/16″126
14"4″10000Ultra Thick Urethane16-1/2"2-85-UTR-1440-S2-85-UTT-1440-S3-13/16″156
14"5″10000Ultra Thick Urethane16-1/2"2-85-UTR-1450-S2-85-UTT-1450-S3-13/16″170
14"6″10000Urethane on Iron16-1/2"2-85-UIR-1460-S2-85-UIT-1460-S3-13/16″178
16"3″9200Urethane on Iron18-1/22-85-UIR-1630-S2-85-UIT-1630-S4″115
16"3″10000Ultra Thick Urethane18-1/22-85-UTR-1630-S2-85-UTT-1630-S4″94
16"4″10000Ultra Thick Urethane18-1/22-85-UTR-1640-S2-85-UTT-1640-S4″165
16"4″10000Urethane on Iron18-1/22-85-UIR-1640-S2-85-UIT-1640-S4″165
16"5″10000Ultra Thick Urethane18-1/22-85-UTR-1650-S2-85-UTT-1650-S4″205
16"5″10000Urethane on Iron18-1/22-85-UIR-1650-S2-85-UIT-1650-S4″185

Customization Is Key

Effective and efficient operation depends on the customization of the components within your systems. At RWM, we make it easy to create customized casters tailored to your specific needs. We offer numerous customizable options that allow you to choose cam wheel brakes or poly cam wheel brakes, 8-position swivel locks, L-type swivel locks, high-temperature or low-temperature lubrication, and more.

We’ll help you navigate your options and will create a custom caster that will deliver exceptional performance for your needs. Contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704 to speak with our team about your specific needs.

Applications & Industries

Our 2-85 Series Casters can be used in a wide range of challenging environments and applications. They are ideal for use in manufacturing, cargo handling, material processing, aerospace, and automotive applications. Our casters are designed to deliver high performance under extreme, prolonged stress.

The 2-85 Series Casters can be affixed to material handling carts, storage tanks, gantries, production line dollies, heavy equipment, mobile homes, platform trucks, and more. This versatility and diversity mean that you can use these casters for practically every application you can conceive of within your operations.