ESD Rubber Wheels

ESD Rubber Wheels

Electrostatic Dissipative

As casters roll across surfaces an electrical charge is generated. A static dissipative material has medium resistance to electrical flow. This means a static dissipative caster wheel allows electricity to flow through the unit. The static electricity flows through the ESD material and is released into conductive flooring as opposed to being transferred through the cart and materials being transported. RWM ESD wheels are perfect for carts used within manufacturing plants transporting sensitive goods such as computer chips, circuit boards and any other electronics requiring ESD protection.

The ESD wheel is also available in polyurethane. VIEW ESD WHEELS >


Tread Material Rubber
Wheel Bearings Precision Ball Bearing
Wheel Core Material Polypropylene
Temperature Range -40°to +120°F
Hardness Standard 85A
ESD Rubber Wheels
4''1-1/4″3003/8″1 1/2″0.35
5''1-1/4″3503/8″1 1/2″0.53

Benefits of ESD Rubber Wheels

Electrically conductive wheels (ESD) ensure both the safety of the operator and the materials being transported through prevention of damaging electrostatic discharge. This plays an instrumental role in industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceutical to chemical transport. ESD wheels are indispensable in a variety of applications, as they contribute to both product and workplace safety. Consider the following benefits when selecting ESD rubber wheels for your specific application:

  • Dissipative material. Anti-static, rubber wheels provide protection for the operator and the materials being handled by reducing the risk of harmful static shock that can be generated through the transport of equipment or goods.
  • Safe electrical flow. Conductive caster wheels allow electricity to flow through the unit, allowing for dissipation of static charges.
  • Damage prevention. Our shock-absorbent rubber wheels prevent damage to fragile transported material.
  • Indoor & outdoor terrain capabilities. Through shock-absorbing rubber wheels paired with electrically conductive wheels, this product offers a range of weight, size, and safety capabilities when it comes to safe material transport.

Uses for RWM Caster’s ESD Rubber Wheels

RWM’s ESD rubber wheels boast a variety of application uses, especially when transporting hazardous or fragile items. They are frequently the wheel of choice for the following applications:

  • Medical engineering
  • Electrical and semi-conductor industries
  • Automotive applications
  • Hospital industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical transport
  • Explosive protection zones

Choose RWM for Quality ESD Rubber Wheels

Since 1935, RWM has been engineering the highest-quality wheels and casters to outperform the competition. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions for their unique applications. Our ESD rubber wheels are merely one example of this.

No matter which wheels, casters, or other material handling solutions you order from us, you can count on exceptional quality control and an emphasis on customer service. We are recognized as the market leader for industrial casters and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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