Economical Locking Stem Casters

The Locking Stem (LS) Scaffold Casters are made to accurately brake at various positions. The brake locks the wheel and swivel simultaneously. Serrations in the brake lever and top plate ensure stability.

Swivel SectionCold forged double ball raceway. Swivel section is equipped with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance. Legs are made from 1/4” steel and are welded to the outer race both inside and out for added strength. The brake support brackets are an integral part of the leg stamping, not welded on. This ensures accurate brake lever positioning and provides a sturdier brake support structure. Stepping on the brake handle simultaneously locks the wheel and swivel assembly. The swivel lock portion uses serrations in the brake lever and top plate to ensure a positive lock.
Kingpin5/8” diameter bolt and lock nut
Stem1-3/8” diameter 3-3/4” long with a 7/16” diameter hole drilled 2-5/16” up from the top plate
Axle1/2” diameter steel
FinishZinc plated to protect against corrosion.
WheelRubber on iron core with an axle lubrication fitting included

Bearing Selection Guide


Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Wheel Type

Overall Height

Straight Roller Bearing

Swivel Lead

Approx Weight
6″2″410 lbsRubber on Iron7-1/2″LS-RIR-0620-S-EC1-15/16″10.0
8″2″500 lbsRubber on Iron9-1/4″ ±1/16″LS-RIR-0820-S-EC2-1/4’12.0