Textile Industry Casters

RWM Casters’ textile industry casters are designed to fight thread buildup while reducing caster maintenance, optimizing your textile operation, and supporting your most demanding applications.

Our jam-resistant casters are made with oversized spacers and thread guards, which help the casters resist string accumulation. This means that stretchy wool yarn, for example, won’t wrap around the caster, limiting mobility, making the cart hard to control, or stopping it suddenly.

The textile cart caster design also protects wheel bearings and allows for quick string removal — with no need to remove wheels. You can depend upon our high-quality caster products, proudly made in the USA!

Popular Textile Caster Applications

Our purpose-built textile cart casters work well for:

  • Production equipment in textile plants
  • Manually moved carts used for textile production
  • Textile dye trucks
  • Textile roving cans
  • Sliver cans for carding, combing, and spinning
  • Bundle carts and buggies
  • Logistics turnover carts
  • And many more textile applications

RWM is your source for textile industry casters of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today at (800) 634-7704 with any questions you have so you can place an order with confidence.

RWM Casters: Benefits for the Textiles Industry

Advantages like these are the reason textile companies rely on RWM Casters:

  • Our textile industry casters are engineered for wear resistance and smooth rotation for all your cart-intensive textile applications.
  • The choke-resistant casters are “tailor-made” for common textile applications related to yarn spinning, knitting, and cut-and-sew operations.
  • Textile casters are designed to be low maintenance. They’re dust- and corrosion-resistant, with no lubrication required and no cleaning chokes from wheels.
  • The casters reduce wear and tear to costly sliver cans during the auto-doff process.
  • Strong bearing capacity helps these durable, long-lasting casters support your heaviest loads.
  • Our innovative textile casters make loads roll smoothly so that they are easy to maneuver over your production floor without marring it.
  • The smooth motion of these well-designed, jam-resistant casters decreases employee fatigue and minimizes risk of injury. In addition, ease of cart movement and control increases productivity.
  • The casters are chemical resistant and waterproof for long-lasting performance across diverse production environments.

Top Casters for Textile Manufacturing

RWM Casters offers industrial casters for textile applications with a selection of load capacities to choose from. As an experienced caster wheel supplier, we provide durable and reliable light-, medium-, and heavy-duty casters for textile carts and machinery.

We offer swivel plate and swivel stem casters made with wheels made from rubber, polyurethane, nylon, and cast iron to suit your specific needs. You can rely on our high-quality jam-resistant casters to support your heaviest loads and maneuver with ease! And you can count on our well-trained team for in-depth product knowledge and superior customer service.

Order our top-selling catalog casters for your textile factory or fabric manufacturing operation — or request customized casters to suit your application perfectly. Contact RWM Casters today!