Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Wheels


RWM Caster’s heavy-duty cast iron wheels are made of much stronger material than inexpensive semi-steel wheels offered by many other industrial wheel manufacturers. These high-quality, heavy-duty cast iron wheels are durable, versatile, and heat-resistant.

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Wheel Bearings Choice of straight roller, annular ball, tapered, celcon, or plain
Temperature Range -40° to +800°F
Retaining Washers All wheels 1-1/2″ and wider with roller bearings are equipped with a metal thrust/retaining washer
Finish Painted
Bores Special sizes available upon request
Lubrication All wheels 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ wide are generally lubricated through the hollow axle. Lubrication fittings can be installed on the hub upon request on most of these wheels. 2-1/2″ and wider wheels are supplied with a lubrication fitting on the hub.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Wheels

All caster wheel materials offer application-specific benefits. Here’s what our heavy-duty cast iron has to offer:

  • Extreme weight-bearing capacities: Normal wheels can’t handle the weight that iron wheels can bear – especially heavy-duty cast iron. They offer one of the highest ratings of any wheel, capable of bearing up to 10,000 lbs. So, when capacity is the name of the game, opt for heavy-duty cast iron.
  • Easy rolling capabilities: Thanks to their smooth surface, metal wheels roll easily on all surfaces, minimizing the human effort or mechanized energy required to transport heavy loads.
  • Appropriate for high-temperature applications: If you’re working in and around high temperatures, you need caster wheels that won’t melt or otherwise degrade in the heat. Heavy-duty cast iron wheels are rated for use in temperatures up to 800° F.
  • Resistant to water and the environment: It’s appropriate to use heavy-duty cast iron wheels in outdoor settings, thanks to their ability to cope with wet, harsh environmental conditions. Just be aware that cast iron rusts over time.
  • Capable of withstanding exposure to chemicals, grease, and oil: Spills in manufacturing plants and warehouses often result in caustic residue accumulating on the floor. Heavy-duty cast iron wheels are unaffected by spilled chemicals, grease, and oil, allowing you to carry on as usual.
  • More economical than forged steel: When high capacity, rather than impact strength, is your priority, heavy-duty cast iron is the more affordable material.

Bearing Selection Guide

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Wheel product photo

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Due to their incredible durability, heavy-duty cast iron wheels are an excellent choice for bearing heavy loads in manufacturing and warehouse applications. Are your floors made of rough concrete, wood block, or other irregular surfaces? Then heavy-duty cast iron is ideal for these demanding conditions.

Be aware that heavy-duty cast iron wheels are not recommended if you’re seeking the benefit of floor protection. Over time, rolling cast iron wheels over untreated concrete may cause deterioration. While heavy-duty cast iron is a sturdy, long-wearing material, it doesn’t offer the impact strength that forged steel does.

Intended for trolleys and carts of all sizes, our heavy-duty cast iron wheels are built to withstand some of the toughest industrial applications. Some specific uses appropriate for heavy-duty cast iron wheels include:

  • High-temperature settings, such as autoclaves, bakeries, smokehouses, curing ovens, and mobile powder coating racks
  • Manufacturing applications, such as aerospace, tire, automotive, construction, and heavy farm equipment
  • Warehousing applications, such as tow-lines and material handling

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing

Roller Bearing

Celcon Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
4” 2″ 1000 1/2″ CIR-0420-08-HD CIB-0420-08-HD CIC-0420-08-HD 2-7/16” 5 lbs
4” 2″ 1000 5/8″ CIR-0420-10-HD CIC-0420-10-HD 2-7/16” 5 lbs
4” 2″ 1000 3/4″ CIR-0420-12-HD CIC-0420-12-HD 2-7/16” 5 lbs
5” 2″ 1200 1/2″ CIR-0520-08-HD CIB-0520-08-HD CIC-0520-08-HD 2-7/16” 6 lbs
5” 2″ 1200 5/8″ CIR-0520-10-HD CIB-0520-10-HD CIC-0520-10-HD 2-7/16” 6 lbs
5” 2″ 1200 3/4″ CIR-0520-12-HD CIB-0520-12-HD CIC-0520-12-HD 2-7/16” 6 lbs
6” 2″ 1400 1/2″ CIR-0620-08-HD CIB-0620-08-HD CIC-0620-08-HD 2-7/16” 8.2 lbs
6” 2″ 1400 5/8″ CIR-0620-10-HD CIB-0620-10-HD CIC-0620-10-HD 2-7/16” 8.2 lbs
6” 2″ 1400 3/4″ CIR-0620-12-HD CIB-0620-12-HD CIC-0620-12-HD 2-7/16” 8.2 lbs
6” 3″ 4000 3/4″ CIR-0630-12-HD CIT-0630-12-HD 3-1/2” 15.75 lbs
6” 3″ 4000 1″ CIR-0630-16-HD CIT-0630-16-HD 3-1/2” 15.75 lbs
6” 3″ 4000 1-1/4″ CIR-0630-20-HD 3-1/2” 15.75 lbs
8” 2″ 1650 1/2″ CIR-0820-08-HD CIB-0820-08-HD CIC-0820-08-HD 2-7/16” 10.6 lbs
8” 2″ 1650 5/8″ CIR-0820-10-HD CIB-0820-10-HD CIC-0820-10-HD 2-7/16” 10.6 lbs
8” 2″ 1650 3/4″ CIR-0820-12-HD CIB-0820-12-HD CIC-0820-12-HD 2-7/16” 10.6 lbs
8” 3″ 4500 3/4″ CIR-0830-12-HD CIT-0830-12-HD 3-1/2” 24.4 lbs
8” 3″ 4500 1″ CIR-0830-16-HD 3-1/2” 24.4 lbs
8” 3″ 4500 1-1/4″ CIR-0830-20-HD 3-1/2” 24.4 lbs
10” 3″ 5000 3/4″ CIR-1030-12-HD CIT-1030-12-HD 3-1/2” 31.7 lbs
10” 3″ 5000 1″ CIR-1030-16-HD CIT-1030-16-HD 3-1/2” 31.7 lbs
10” 3″ 5000 1-1/4″ CIR-1030-20-HD CIT-1030-20-HD 3-1/2” 31.7 lbs
12” 3″ 6000 3/4″ CIR-1230-12-HD CIT-1230-12-HD 3-1/2” 38.6 lbs
12” 3″ 6000 1″ CIR-1230-16-HD 3-1/2” 38.6 lbs
12” 3″ 6000 1-1/4″ CIR-1230-20-HD CIT-1230-20-HD 3-1/2” 38.6 lbs

Choose RWM Casters for Replacement Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Wheels

RWM Casters is proud to offer some of the strongest, most durable metal wheels available anywhere. Our products are made of solid cast iron, not inexpensive semi-steel that many other manufacturers use in their wheels.

Standard sizes are available for immediate order. If you don’t see a product that meets your specifications, we would be happy to design and manufacture custom iron wheels for the application you have in mind.

Choose RWM Casters for all your caster and wheel needs! As the original inventor of Kingpinless™ casters and other innovative equipment, we have proven ourselves to be a recognized leader in the industrial wheel market.

Don’t settle for inferior knock-offs—contact RWM Casters to ask a question or place an order from a trusted manufacturer today!