Pneumatic Wheels


RWM Casters’ pneumatic Wheels provide smooth, shock-resistant operation for delicate instruments and breakable components. Our pneumatic Wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use where product protection is required. RWM Casters’ pneumatic wheels offer the maximum in floor protection and move freely over obstructions and rough floors.

Wheel Bearings Choice of straight roller, ball or tapered roller bearings.
Operating Temperature Range -26 to 220F
Aerospace Boat manufacturing
Tow-lines Product protection

Bearing Selection Guide


FF Foam Filled
WS Wheel Seals
ZF Zerk Fittings

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width
Ply Rating

Axle Diameter

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing
An icon tapered bearing
Roller Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
9.0″ 2.80/4 4 300 1/2″ FNR-0828-08 FNB-0828-08 3-1/2″ 4.5
9.0″ 2.80/4 4 300 3/4″ FNR-0828-12 FNB-0828-12 3-1/2″ 4.5
10.9″ 4.10/4 4 480 1/2″ FNR-1041-08 FNB-1040-08 3-1/2″ 5.5
10.9″ 4.10/4 4 480 3/4″ FNR-1041-12 FNT-1041-12 3-1/2″ 5.5
10.9″ 4.10/4 4 480 1″ FNR-1041-16 3-1/2″ 5.5
13.0″ 4.10/6 4 500 3/4″ FNR-1241-12 FNB-1241-12 FNT-1241-12 4-1/2″ 6.5
13.0″ 4.10/6 4 500 1″ FNR-1241-16 4-1/2″ 6.5
15.1″ 5.30/6 4 870 3/4″ FNR-1448-12 FNB-1448-12 4-1/2″ 9
15.1″ 5.30/6 4 870 1″ FNR-1448-16 4-1/2″ 9
16.3″ 4.80/8 4 1000 1″ FNR-1648-16 FNT-1648-16 4-1/2″ 12
16.3″ 4.80/8 4 1000 1-1/4″ FNR-1648-20 4-1/2″ 12
18.4″ 5.70/8 4 1170 1″ FNT-1857-16 4-1/2″ 15
18.4″ 5.70/8 4 1170 1-1/4″ FNR-1857-20 4-1/2″ 15
21.0″ 6.90/9 10 2420 1-1/4″ FNT-2169-20 7″ 37.5
23.5″ 6.50/10 10 2775 1-1/4″ FNT-2365-20 8″ 38
25.7″ 7.50/10 10 3630 1-1/4″ FNT-2575-20 9″ 40

Benefits of Pneumatic Wheels

One of the most substantial benefits of pneumatic wheels is their ability to absorb unevenness of terrain to provide a smoother ride, free of bumping and shaking. This is especially important when transporting delicate cargo such as glass, ceramics, or other fragile items. When used in tandem with casters, pneumatic wheels have significant benefits, including:

  • Large load capabilities. Pneumatic wheels are popular for heavy, industrial applications due to their large load capacity. They allow for easy transport of bulky or heavy machinery across mixed terrain.
  • Excellent shock absorbency. Known for their smooth transport capabilities, pneumatic wheels are a great choice when moving fragile or delicate items. Operating sufficiently in both indoor and outdoor settings, pneumatic wheels are able to absorb a greater amount of shock than other casters.
  • Off-road ability. The combination of shock absorbent features and available tread patterns make pneumatic wheels great for operating off-road. They can withstand various outdoor grounds while still providing smooth transport.
  • Noise reduction. Noise can be considered a risk factor in many workplaces, so the ability to transport loads quietly makes our pneumatic wheels a great option.

While the advantages of pneumatic wheels outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few factors that should be noted. The main disadvantage to pneumatic wheels is their risk of puncture. Pneumatic wheels traditionally consist of rubber-filled air, however, there are now no-flat, rubber filled pneumatic wheels that mitigate that risk. Another other risk associated with pneumatic wheels is the potential for increased wheel-flutter, however, this can easily be resolved by increasing the swivel lead.

Call RWM Casters today at 800-634-7704 to learn more about the benefits of our pneumatic wheels for your specific industry application. 

Uses for RWM Caster’s Pneumatic Wheels

Selecting the proper wheel and caster is crucial to efficiently and effectively completing certain jobs. Without the correct features, your casters could suffer damage or lack the necessary safety required. To avoid the pitfalls of improper caster selection, we always aim to work with our customers closely to ensure they are making the right selection for the specifications of their intended application.

RWM Casters pneumatic wheels are a popular choice for the following applications;

  • Aerospace applications
  • Tow-lines
  • Automotive applications
  • Boat manufacturing
  • Product protection

If our standard pneumatic wheel line doesn’t meet your unique specifications or needs, consider our custom solution offerings. RWM now offers a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that allows you to download and receive CAD files for your specific needs. The configurator is free to use, and the designs you create are available for immediate download.

Choose RWM for the High Quality Pneumatic Wheels

We have been engineering quality casters and wheels since 1935, with some of our patented designs dating back to the 1970s. Through the years we have continued to provide our customers with innovative solutions to their everyday caster needs. We are recognized as the market leader for industrial casters, wheels, and other material handling solutions, and we are committed to helping you find the perfect solution for your specific application.

For additional wheel selections, application insights, and customization options, call our team today at 800-634-7704!