Whisper Wheels


For some companies, casters are often afterthoughts in the industrial design playbook. But that lack of design strength strikes at the core of every application, so RWM Casters takes their design seriously. Whisper Wheels are constructed from the finest PTMEG urethane. This material offers superb hydrolysis resistance and abrasion resistance. It withstands impact well and is resilient enough to outlast the equipment it’s used for, but even the best materials can’t achieve much without expert casting. That’s why we machine our cast iron core specifically for this technology.

We use chemical bonding to extend casters’ life spans and ensure silent functionality. By eliminating lateral tread delamination, we’re able to provide a safe, controllable glide, even at high velocities. That packs extra safety into every wheel. Chemical bonding also makes our wheels whisper-quiet.

RWM specializes in wheels and casters for a huge range of industrial applications. We became a market leader through thoughtful designs that survive the toughest testing environments. Every product we make is perfected by engineering excellence and manufacturing strength. We use the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment, because you can’t achieve the perfect caster without a perfect end-to-end strategy. Call us for more information at 800-634-7714.

Wheel Bearings The option of straight or tapered roller bearings (the latter are built to cope with thrust and radial load, while the former offer reduced friction)
Temperature Range A temperature range of 40°F to 180°F
Hardness A shore hardness rating of 92 D, which provides the perfect balance between rigidity and shock resistance
Bores Adjustable bore sizing
Keyways Highly adaptive keyways that can be installed in a huge range of sizes



There is no such thing as the perfect wheel — only the perfect wheel for your environment — so our range is offered in a huge variety of tensile strengths and chemical resistances. RWM’s wheels are built for demanding biomes. Some of our products suit manufacturing and warehousing ecosystems, while others perform best for towlines. Whisper Wheels have the right properties for:

Environments that require low noise levels
Areas with delicate flooring
Heavy loads that tend to degrade ordinary poly wheels
Towlines and automotive plants

Whisper Wheels’ 92A option blends the best of two worlds. It can glide like a hard wheel but slide easily over outdoor environments. Its load-bearing capacity is improved by polyurethane’s power, but the plastic has a gentle side, too. It blends shock absorption and noise reduction while simultaneously protecting your floors.

On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find our 70D product, which glides exceptionally while improving weight capacity. In addition to durometer, we also offer a range of measurements for bearing applications. Call us to discuss your options at 800-634-7704.

Bearing Selection Guide



Whisper Wheels come in three durometer designs: 70D, 80A, and 90A. Each product has thread guards, spanners, and zerk fittings to improve lubrication. The wheels themselves are offered in a range of diameters and urethane thicknesses. Whether you need a light one-inch product with a 90A capacity or a tough 12-inch wheel with a 92A capacity, we’ll find the best Whisper Wheel for your needs. Our products also come with different ball bearings, including tapered and straight designs. Their size ranges between:

  • 8 inches and 12 inches in diameter
  • 2 inches and 3 inches in width
  • ¾ inch and 1 inch in urethane thickness
  • ½ inch and 1 1/4  inch in axle diameter

Whisper Wheels weigh between 10 and 31 pounds each.

70D Optional Durometer (Black)
80A Optional Durometer (Red)
90A Optional Durometer (Maroon)
TG Thread Guard on 2″ wheels
SI Spanner Included
WS Wheel Seals
ZF Zerk Fittings

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width
Urethane Thickness
Capacity: 92A

Capacity: 90A

Axle Diameter

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing
An icon tapered bearing
Roller Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
8″ 2″ 1″ 1500 1500 1/2″ UWR-0820-08 UWB-0820-08 UWT-0820-08 2-7/16″ 10
8″ 2″ 1″ 1500 1500 5/8″ UWR-0820-10 2-7/16″ 10
8″ 2″ 1″ 1500 1500 3/4″ UWR-0820-12 UWT-0820-12 2-7/16″ 10
8” 3” 3/4″ 3000 3000 3/4″ UWR-0830-12 UWB-0830-12 UWT-0830-12 3-1/2″ 20
8” 3” 3/4″ 3000 3000 1″ UWR-0830-16 UWT-0830-16 3-1/2″ 20
8” 3” 3/4″ 3000 3000 1″ UWR-0830-16-SI 3-1/2″ 20
8” 3” 3/4″ 3000 3000 1-1/4″ UWR-0830-20 3-1/2″ 20
10″ 3” 1″ 3410 3410 3/4″ UWR-1030-12 UWB-1030-12 UWT-1030-12 3-1/2″ 23
10″ 3” 1″ 3410 3410 1″ UWR-1030-16 UWT-1030-16 3-1/2″ 23
10″ 3” 1″ 3410 3410 1″ UWR-1030-16-SI 3-1/2″ 23
10″ 3” 1″ 3410 3410 1-1/4″ UWR-1030-20 UWT-1030-20 3-1/2″ 23
12″ 3” 1″ 4100 4100 3/4″ UWR-1230-12 UWB-1230-12 UWT-1230-12 3-1/2″ 31
12″ 3” 1″ 4100 4100 1″ UWR-1230-16 UWB-1230-16 UWT-1230-16 3-1/2″ 31
12″ 3” 1″ 4100 4100 1″ UWR-1230-16-SI 3-1/2″ 31
12″ 3” 1″ 4100 4100 1-1/4″ UWR-1230-20 UWT-1230-20 3-1/2″ 31

Why Us?

RWM is a leading industrial caster manufacturer. Our famous kingpinless casters are the market’s finest, but we’re always evolving. Our highest goal is to reach new heights of design perfection — an objective that we achieve through unyielding commitment. Contact us at 800-634-7704.