Experience the Versatility and Heavy-Duty Applications of the 95 Series Caster

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Close up shot of RWM Casters' 95 Series Wheel

The engineers at RWM have hit another home run with our increasingly popular 95 Series caster. As word of the reliability and durability of this system spreads, we are proud to tell you more about the many reasons your industry peers are using these casters for their applications.

With a capacity of up to 20,000 pounds, the 95 series Kingpinless™ caster is one of the most robust systems designed, patented, and proudly made in the USA.

With a leg thickness of 3/8″ formed steel and raceway designs of 4 1/2″ diameter with 3/4″ carbon steel balls, the 53 Rockwell rated design is built to handle the heaviest loads without faltering or failing.

Makes the Heavy Work Roll Smoothly Down the Line

RWM’s 95 Series Casters are designed to handle heavy loads in the workplace. With a capacity of up to 20,000 pounds, there are few tasks these casters can’t perform. Their sturdy design and solid construction make them ideal for the most challenging work environments.

They are well suited for use in automotive and aerospace manufacturing and services, including air cargo handling and ground support. They can be used in the manufacture and transport of boats and ships and the production and delivery of mobile homes and heavy-duty vehicles.

The 95 Series can also provide smooth and reliable operation for production lines and tow lines, for use on tractor-pulled trailers, platform trucks, and more. No matter how difficult or abusive the conditions, the 95 Series will roll smoothly along as if nothing could slow it down. And we have designed them so that very little can.

Building a Better Wheel

We didn’t invent the wheel, but we are continuously making it better. Our engineering teams have developed numerous customization options for the 95 Series that you can use to create custom-crafted wheels perfectly suited for your applications.

We offer cam wheel brakes and poly cam wheel brakes guaranteed to secure the load and prevent the wheel from rotating. Coupled with demountable swivel locks, L-Type swivel locks, or standard swivel locks, you can enjoy superior control over brake engagement and disengagement.

We also offer high-temperature and low-temperature lubrication options and zinc-plated or high-temperature paint finishes. This allows you to customize the wheel for your work environment and the potential for exposure to chemicals and other corrosive agents.

Finally, we offer a broad range of guards, discs, and sweepers that can keep the wheel path clear and shield workers from injuries. These features include foot guards, notched yokes, shear discs, sweeper brushes, and wheel seals.

Two Wheels Are Better Than One!

Sometimes, two wheels are needed for applications where one wheel isn’t strong enough to support the load or protect the floor. That’s why we have developed the RWM 2-95 Series Kingpinless™ Dual Wheel Caster. These casters can handle twice the capacity and provide enhanced load distribution, floor protection, and load handling. It is the ultimate wheel and is designed to do everything the 95 Series can do and more.

The team at RWM is happy to help you create the custom wheels you need to keep your business rolling forward.

Contact us at 800-634-7704 to speak with our team and start building the custom wheels your business has been searching for.

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