Caster Applications in the Textile Industry

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Casters in the Textile Industry 

The textile industry moves fast, and your business needs tools to keep pace with the competition. At RWM Casters, our customizable casters and wheels require minimal maintenance and are designed to deliver reliable performance when used for production equipment, material handling, and other applications.

Our American-made casters and wheels are precision-engineered to meet the most exacting specifications and provide superior protection against string buildup that can bind the wheel bearing. When you want durable products that give your textile business a competitive advantage, you can rely on the team at RWM to manufacture the top-quality solutions that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Key Advantages RWM’s Casters Have Over the Competition

Our low-maintenance, custom-manufactured casters are precision-engineered to withstand the rigors of textile production and distribution. Our customizable solutions are ideal for spinning, knitting, and cut-and-sew applications.

Each caster and wheel is designed to offer many key advantages that enhance safety, improve stability, and lower your operating costs, including:

  • Minimal maintenance: The corrosion-resistant design of our casters and wheels does not require lubrication.
  • Smooth rotation: Our casters and wheels are designed to provide stable, smooth movement over tile, concrete, and other types of flooring.
  • Exceptional wear resistance: Each caster and wheel is manufactured using proprietary compositions that deliver superior wear resistance.
  • Reliable maneuverability: Our engineers design each caster and wheel to provide exceptional maneuverability unimpeded by damaged flooring, obstructions, debris, etc.

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The RK Series Caster

Our RK Series Casters minimize maintenance and reduce thread buildup when traversing the factory floor. The RK Series features zinc-plated wheels as well as a cold-formed, heat-treated top plate, yoke, and button. This configuration enhances functionality and versatility, creates effective corrosion resistance, and extends the caster’s serviceable lifespan.

Additionally, the casters feature hardened bearings and raceways, as well as forged legs, to create a caster that will deliver reliable performance with minimal lubrication required.

The hydraulically compressed kingpin on the RK Series is 5/8″ in diameter. The axle is a 0.5″ in diameter bolt with 1.5″ wheels. This design significantly increases the strength and reliability of the swivel section.

The WT Series Caster

Our Made in the USA WT Series Caster is precision engineered and designed by our highly skilled to specifically to reduce thread buildup. The caster requires minimal maintenance. Efficient, effective, and reliable, the WT Series is one of our most popular products.

The WT Series Caster features a cold-formed top plate, yoke, and button that are heat-treated to prevent brinelling. Further, the load and thrust bearings are hardened and carefully ground to smoothly rotate within the hardened raceway. Our heat treating and hardening processes create casters that deliver smooth and stable swivel action, improve material handling, enhance safety, and extend the serviceable lifespan of the caster.

The hydraulically compressed kingpin of the WT Series is a 5/8″ in diameter rivet that is coupled with a 1.5″ wheel and 1/2″ diameter drilled ale. Depending on your requirements, the WT Series can be delivered with either straight roller bearings or ball bearings. This configuration delivers superior strength and performance. It also requires minimal maintenance and facilitates easy access to lubrication fittings.

Why Choose RWM for Your Casters?

Since 1935, the teams at RWM have engineered products designed to give our clients a competitive edge. You can always depend on our American-made products when you want bespoke, cost-effective solutions that deliver reliable performance. Our casters and wheels incorporate tried-and-trusted technologies as well as the latest innovations and features to improve material handling, safety, and efficiency. When you need solutions engineered to outperform at every turn, you can rely on our company to exceed your highest expectations!

When you want dependable solutions made in the U.S. and customized to meet your needs, contact RWM to get a quote or to find a distributor in your area!

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