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There are many choices when it comes to caster and wheel products in the market today. Some other manufacturers and distributors in the industry focus on having the lowest cost product, a certain color of product or simply improving the aesthetics of their products. However, RWM’s core focus is on the ergonomic benefit, long-term return on investment and everyday performance of products that are Engineered to Outperform. The Torus Wheel is one such product. Manufactured using higher quality PTMEG polyurethane that outlasts the competition, the Torus Wheel will continue to serve in grueling towline applications. Long after other wheels have de-bonded, flat spotted, or otherwise failed (often after just 12-18 months), the Torus continues to excel. Having sealed precision bearings means no maintenance. No flat spotting, de-bonding, or maintenance means no downtime on critical towline or manual push/pull applications.

Save yourself some maintenance and downtime this year. Roll with the best; roll with RWM.

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