ESD Wheels

Electrostatic Dissipative

Casters rolling across the floor can generate a static electric charge as they roll along. As the charge builds up, it can be released into the cart and any contents being transported. This can damage electronics and many other items. However, it’s not a problem you have to worry about with RWM’s ESD Wheels on your cart.

Our wheels are designed to transfer the static electric charge from the wheel and into conductive flooring. This protects the cargo and ensures your computers, televisions, circuit boards, and other sensitive electronics aren’t fried when you move them from truck to warehouse, room to room, etc.

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Benefits of ESD Wheels

Computer chips, circuit boards, camera equipment, and many other items are highly sensitive to electrical disruptions. Even the slightest discharge of static electricity can seriously damage these items.

Our Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) wheels are designed to protect your flooring from marking and the cargo on your carts from damage. Further, each wheel is designed to minimize the force required to pull or push it across the floor. We make it easy to navigate safely up and down graded ramps, across factory floors, carpeting, and more.

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Applications for ESD Wheels

ESD wheels are built to provide reliable operation within manufacturing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, automotive production lines, and more. They can be used to safely transport chemicals and explosives, as well as electronics and automobile components. This versatility means our ESD wheels can be reliably used to perform hazardous operations and routine tasks safely.

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Depend on RWM To Keep Your Business Rolling Forward

At RWM, our engineers have designed, built, and tested one of the world’s most reliable ESD wheels. We guarantee our wheels will deliver superior performance and protection for your needs. When you want the best, you can always depend on RWM to deliver!

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Wheel Bearings Sealed precision bearing
Wheel Core Material Aluminum
Temperature Range -40°to +180°F
Hardness Standard 85A (Gray)

Bearing Selection Guide

A brochure with a picture of a wheel on it.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Sealed Precision Ball Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
6″ 2″ 800 1/2″ UAB-0621-08-ESD 2-7/16″ 3.1
8″ 2″ 1000 1/2″ UAB-0821-08-ESD 2-7/16″ 4.7