The Importance of Heat Treating Casters

May 8, 2019 in Product Specific

When it comes to a caster’s lifespan it is important to think about how failure can result in lost profits, potential injuries, and downtime in facilities. RWM has created a white paper that discusses the differences between heat treated casters and those that have skipped this step to cut cost to show how this has a direct impact on product performance. Take a few minutes to educate yourself before committing to an inferior product that reduces service life and increases the likelihood of downtime. Just because a product appears the same on the outside does not mean the product was manufactured to the same specifications.

To learn more about heat treatment as it relates to casters along with the benefits of Hardening, especially Case Hardening, you can read our full white paper below.

Click Here to Read the RWM Case Hardening White PaperAn RWM outer raceway which has been case hardened with  darker outline around the edge of the steel

(This picture shows an RWM outer raceway which has been case hardened. You can tell by the darker outline around the edge of the steel.)