Don’t Know Where To Find the Right Caster?

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Struggling to find the right product options that match your specific criteria can be frustrating! Luckily, RWM is here to remind you that if you cannot find the casters, wheels, or other specifications needed for your job, we custom-manufacture casters based on your application needs.

Everything from the caster itself, protective finishes, or even accessories can be customized by our engineering team to meet your needs.

On our website we have countless different CAD combinations that are ready to be adjusted accordingly to match your requirements. RWM holds itself to a higher standard with a specially designed in-house testing facility to ensure RWM products hold up to the most demanding applications on the planet. If you don’t find the right caster for your situation or simply do not know where to begin, contact our experienced sales and customer service teams so we can assist you in finding the best fit for your needs; whether its standard, custom, or otherwise, we are here to help!

Contact our team online, at or by calling 800-634-7704.

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