The Kingpinless Caster’s Superior Design and Materials

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RWM Casters is the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster perfecting an original design that has never been improved upon by others. One design strength can be seen through our precision machined raceway that reduces raceway wear, improves swivel action, reduces maintenance, and provides longer service life for the caster. Combining this with our case hardening methods, the durability of our Kingpinless casters exceeds all others as the ideal solution for the most strenuous applications. Casters with case hardened raceways are the best in the caster industry at resisting both wear and impact forces, to learn more about case hardening check out our white paper linked below. RWM also uses robotic pulse welding technology to form the strongest possible welds.

If you are interested or have any questions about RWM’s Kingpinless casters you can contact us at 800-634-7704 or by emailing

Case Hardening White Paper:
PTMEG Polyurethane White Paper:

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