From Ergonomics to Noise Reduction, the RWM Torus Wheel does it all!

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RWM Casters spring recap

The Torus Wheel™ offers a rounded tread that provides easy turning under heavy loads. The Torus Wheel™ features our premium PTMEG urethane tread and sealed precision bearings for maintenance free applications and optimal ergonomics. This means no de-bonding, no flat spotting, excellent floor protection, noise reduction, and enhanced rollability. All the features combine to ensure maximum service life especially in demanding continuous use applications. The Torus Wheel™ has an aluminum core that provides a lightweight, long-lasting attractive alternative to cast iron along with a variety of different sizes, colors, and wheel hardness to match any application.

The RWM standard Torus Wheel™ is the Blue 92A made specifically for towline applications and use in the automotive industry. Other configurations include a softer tread 85A compound for optimal noise reduction and dampening, an Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) compound for sensitive electronics or other configurations to prevent static buildup, and a 70Dhard tread for the maximum ergonomic benefit.

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