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shock absorber test

The accuracy of your testing isn’t something you can take a chance on. At RWM, our technicians understand the imperative importance of accurately testing the components we sell to our clients. Our thorough testing procedures and dedication to detail ensure that the products we offer live up to the specifications we market and your expectations.

Our Testing Philosophy

Our design and engineering teams are perfectionists with a strict focus on quality. We also know that what works in a laboratory doesn’t necessarily translate to real-world application. That’s why our testing is designed to put every component through real-world tests that mimic the conditions and events inherent to construction sites, office buildings, factory floors, warehouses, etc.

Our Tests

We apply a broad range of tests that put each caster or wheel design through significant punishment. These tests include:

Static Load Testing: We use a Dake 75-ton or Vickers 80-ton hydraulic press to test each of our Kingpinless™ casters and raceways. These presses apply the load evenly at one-minute intervals until the point of failure is reached.

Cart Push/Pull Testing: Measuring the force required to move loads is essential for protecting your personnel from personal injuries. Our push/pull testing measures loads of up to 2,000 pounds.

Shock Absorber Testing: Our two 10-ton manual hydraulic pressures can exert up to 22,000 pounds of pressure. This allows us to determine the precise spring rates and ride heights of our shock absorbers.

C.F.T.M.A. Testing: Our custom CFTMA test ensures that our casters are strong and durable. The test relies on an air cylinder to apply vertical load to our casters.

Material Hardness Testing: Our material hardness tests are centered around our Wilson Rockwell Testing Machine and our Shore Type Durometer. These tests ensure that the compositions within our casters and wheels perform effectively within the most extreme real-world operating conditions.

Adhesion Testing: We utilize extreme force to separate treads from wheel cores. Our tests apply maximum pressure to confirm that our adhesives and designs exceed your expectations.

Drop Testing: We put our casters and wheels through extreme drop tests using a 25-pound weight. Our weights are dropped to determine the maximum drop before component failure.

Brake Test Ramp: Our brake testing determines the precise stopping distance of our casters and wheels.

Drum Testing: Our drum testing aims to push the integrity of the wheel tread and bearings to the limit. We use a steel-rotating drum with a circumference of nearly 11 feet to determine the greatest obstacle required to bring our casters and wheels to a halt.

Variable High-Speed Drum Test: Our computer-controlled rotating drum and pneumatic piston make it possible to test casters under a wide range of conditions and situations.

Drum Testing (Endurance): Can the caster go the distance? Our endurance testing puts each caster or wheel through an eight-hour obstacle course to determine whether our designs can go the distance or have room for improvement.

Depend On RWM for Superior Quality Products

Our rigorous testing procedures and dedication to our clients ensure that every product we offer exceeds your expectations and the real-world conditions are components will encounter. We stand behind our products with rock-solid guarantees and warranties because we take the time to verify that our designs and processes produce the reliable products you depend on.

Contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704 for more information about our company and the rigorous testing procedures we utilize. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you identify the ideal solutions that will keep your business moving forward into the future.

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