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Adjustable Floor lock

Stabilize Your Cart With Our New Adjustable Floor Locks

At RWM, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. From casters and wheels to adjustable floor locks, you can rely on our solutions to deliver superior performance and longevity in the most challenging environments. Our heavy-duty, foot-activated door lock is engineered for use on all types of flooring. 

Our precision-engineered floor locks are designed to enhance safety and keep your carts from rolling away. This allows you to leave carts unattended without fear they will cause damage to the cart, materials, surrounding equipment, structures, or employees. We know these accidents can cost you a bundle in lost inventory, production, repairs, and lawsuits, so we have developed solutions that provide superior protection. 

Adjustable Floor Lock Features

Our adjustable floor locks feature an adjustable height, which makes it easier to use the system throughout your facility. This makes them ideal everywhere, from loading docks and warehouses to hospital rooms and factory floors. Our hole patterns accommodate various top plate sizes, facilitating compatibility with your existing carts. It also ensures maximum stability regardless of cart size.  

Our product features heights of 6.75 inches to 9.5 inches when retracted and 8.75 inches to 11.5 inches when extended. The floor locks are compatible with casters ranging from 6 to 8 inches in diameter and are zinc-plated for superior corrosion resistance. 

Each unit features a heavy-duty, foot-activated locking/unlocking mechanism containing two springs that lock your cart in the desired position while simultaneously stabilizing all wheels. This makes the lock easy to operate and control, expediting cart movement and positioning as desired. Once extended, the rubber bottom pad enhances floor grip, reducing the risk of slippage and accidents.

Advantages of our Adjustable Floor Lock

RWM’s adjustable floor lock offers uniform locking/unlocking, is easy to use, and creates a secure, stable platform once engaged. It features durable springs that are actuated with minimal force and a sturdy design that keeps the cart firmly in position until you move it to the next location.

Further, our floor locks can be attached to carts, trolleys, platform trucks, etc. Once engaged, the rubber pad prevents the cart from rolling out of position. And, when disengaged, the floor lock won’t impede wheel movement. Indeed, our engineers have placed considerable attention on ensuring our locking assemblies offer the perfect balance of safety, stability, and functionality. 

Crucially, our focus on precision and quality ensures that every welt, spring, bolt, and screw will deliver reliable performance in all conditions and exceptional protection against chemical and solvent exposure. This creates a durable, dependable floor lock that will deliver long-term performance regardless of how often it is engaged on flat floors, slopes, uneven surfaces, etc.

Choose RWM for Your Business!

At RWM, our products deliver exceptional value for our clients. Each team member is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing durable components that enhance performance, safety, and functionality. From floor locks to casters and wheels, you can rely on our components to exceed your expectations and requirements. Our American-made products set the standards that others aspire to achieve. 

Our locks, wheels, and casters are engineered to outperform competing products, and we carefully select each component for its strength, durability, and resistance to common operational hazards. When you choose RWM, you can rest assured that you will always receive competitive prices, industry-best lead times, and long-term protection you can depend on. 

When you need the highest-quality adjustable floor locks, custom wheels, or durable casters, contact us to get a quote or to find a distributor near you!

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