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At RWM, our caster and wheel experts deliver the bespoke solutions engineered to fit the needs of your industry. Our products are customized to solve the challenges inherent to your operations. From ergonomic systems and automotive casters, to precision aerospace solutions and to-ready tire manufacturing, our products will deliver the superior performance, resilience, and longevity you require.

We serve a broad range of industries and will help you select the optimal casters, wheels, and custom configurations for your needs. This includes the following solutions and more:


High-performance wheels and casters play a crucial role in the aerospace industry, where precision and reliability are paramount. At RWM Casters, we design casters to support your aviation and aerospace industry goals, whether they include aircraft manufacturing, repair, and maintenance, baggage transfer, or other applications. Our expertly engineered products also provide the efficient movement of heavy equipment, aircraft parts, and assemblies across manufacturing floors, assembly lines, and maintenance facilities.

Our aerospace-grade industrial wheels are designed to withstand the unique challenges posed by the industry, including heavy loads, extreme temperatures, and stringent safety standards. Our casters come equipped with high-quality bearings and materials to ensure smooth and controlled mobility, facilitating the seamless transportation of aerospace components during various stages of production.


Automotive manufacturing requires reliable wheels and casters that can provide continuous use in demanding conditions. At RWM Casters, we’re here to help your assembly lines run smoothly and prevent costly downtime. As the inventors of the popular Kingpinless caster and other innovative automotive caster products, our focus is on quality, precision, and durability.

Specially engineered for the automotive sector, our wheels and casters are designed to withstand the weight and dimensions of various automotive components, ensuring efficient material flow throughout the production chain. From the fabrication of vehicle parts to the final assembly line, RWM’s wheels and casters can make the process seamless.

Distribution & Logistics

Running a warehouse or distribution center requires good logistics and reliable products that can help make processes smooth and efficient. RWM’s dependable casters and wheels provide durable and efficient performance to ensure your supply chains operate seamlessly. Whether facilitating the seamless navigation of pallets, carts, or material handling equipment, our industrial wheels are designed for distribution and logistics with features like swivel capabilities and robust materials to handle the demands of diverse environments. The adaptability of our various casters in different configurations ensures that they can meet the specific requirements of different storage and transportation setups, contributing to the optimization of workflows and the overall productivity of distribution networks.

Towing & Towline Applications

In towline applications, wheels and casters have to perform highly in the face of demanding repetitive and continuous uses. At RWM Casters, we test our casters and wheels to their absolute limits so that we can ensure our products provide optimal performance in your towing applications. With a wide range of product options, our specialized wheels and casters are designed to withstand the stresses associated with towing while still providing smooth and precise maneuverability.

Whether used in towline conveyors or towing carts within industrial facilities, RWM’s casters and wheels contribute to the seamless transportation of goods, optimizing the flow of materials and enhancing the overall safety and productivity of towing operations.

Other Industries & Applications for RWM’s Wheels & Casters

At RWM Casters, we pride ourselves on having wheels and casters for virtually every use. With options ranging from light-duty to extremely heavy-duty, and features such as maneuverability, corrosion-resistance, extreme temperature resistance, noise reduction, and more, we’re bound to have a solution for your application.

Other uses for our wheels and casters include:

  • Food & beverage: Each of our wheels is designed to facilitate the smooth, efficient, and reliable movement of food carts, dollies, hand trucks, and more with features such as noise reduction, easy maneuvering, and durability.
  • Glass & window makers: Glass and windows can be quite fragile, so you need wheels and casters that facilitate safe and stable transportation. Our products can cut down on vibrations, shock, and noise to ensure your glass remains intact.
  • Hospitality: Running a hotel, casino, spa, or conference center becomes much easier with our high-performance, non-marking wheels and casters. We also have products that provide noise reduction to minimize disruption to your guests.
  • Medical: With shock-absorbing casters, you can transport sensitive medical equipment without worrying about damage. We also offer maintenance-free casters and stainless-steel casters that offer corrosion resistance for use in hospitals, medical laboratories, and more.
  • Modular housing: When you need heavy-duty casters and wheels with high weight-bearing capacities, RWM has the solution. Our products for the modular housing industry provide exceptional carrying capacities.
  • Pharmaceutical & Laboratory: Whether you need low maintenance, shock absorption, noise reduction, extreme temperature resistance, or corrosion resistance for your laboratory, RWM has you covered with our line of casters and wheels.

When you need reliable casters and wheels, contact us at 800-634-7704 to get a quote or find a distributor near you!

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