RWM’s Silent Solution – The Freedom 58 Series!

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If you are looking to reduce noise and improve mobility for your operations, look no further than the RWM Freedom 58 Series caster line. The 58 Series features an ultra-quiet sealed precision maintenance free raceway design which eliminates swivel chatter for silent operation when towing. The 58 Series is optimized for superior ergonomic performance providing some of the lowest push/pull results of any series while being completely maintenance free! This makes the Freedom 58 series ideal for automotive and towline based applications as well as medium-heavy loads which need to be manually moved by employees. To learn more check out our recently updated 58 series webpage here:

Click Here to learn more about the 58 Series

If you are interested or have any questions about RWM’s 58 Series or other ergonomic solutions you can contact us at 800-634-7704 or by emailing

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