The Essential Push/Pull Test

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In recent years, companies have begun to pay more and more attention to the amount of difficulty their employees have in moving goods around facilities in an effort to protect both their employee’s health and the company’s bottom line. At RWM, we understand this need and created a specialized piece of equipment to rest our caster and wheel products in order to help customers select the correct caster and wheel combination for each application, insuring the best rolling product for each and every potential use.

White Papers are meant to provide a wealth of information behind the science of industrial caster and wheel manufacturing. We hope this information helps you understand some of the basics of industrial caster and wheel manufacturing.

In this White Paper, we discuss the RWM Automated Push/Pull Test Machine. This machine allows RWM Engineering and Quality Assurance staff to determine the amount of force required to push or pull a loaded cart equipped with a particular set of four casters. During the test, three caster configurations are used: a zero degree angle (straight line), a 90-degree rotation with the casters in the same direction, and a 90-degree orientation with the casters in opposing directions. The primary function of the test is to measure the initial breakaway force of the cart, or the amount of force required to get a stationary cart moving.

Interested in how the RWM Automated Push/Pull Test Machine can help you find the perfect caster and wheel for your applications? Read More or contact our sales or customer service departments at or 1-800-634-7704 for immediate attention to your application.

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