Ergonomic Advantages of Torus Ergo GT Wheels

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Torus Ergo GT Wheels by RWM Casters

When it comes to rollability and extended performance, our Torus Wheel™ and Ergo GT wheels are simply unmatched by any competing option. Our Torus Wheel™ incorporates PTMEG urethane tread, high-quality materials, and sealed precision bearings to deliver superior performance on any surface. This makes our wheels a well-balanced, maintenance-free option with optimal ergonomics and reliable long-term performance.

At RWM, our American-made wheels and casters have become the benchmark that sets industry standards across the globe. When you want high-quality components and effective solutions to the most challenging problems, contact us to discuss your needs or to find a distributor near you. 

Benefits of ErgoGT Wheels

Our Ergo GT wheels are precision-engineered and originally designed to reduce tread wear, facilitate superior endurance, and provide exceptional reliability during extended exposure to extreme temperatures. Impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and easy to maintain, Ergo GT wheels are a high-performance solution you can depend on within your facility. 

The Ergo GT is a solid elastomer wheel with a 75-durometer Shore D hardness and a sealed precision ball bearing. The wheel will deliver reliable performance with a wide temperature range from minus 40 degrees to 275 degrees F. 

Our resilient design gives you remarkable flexibility regarding when, where, and how to utilize the wheel.   

Further, the high-load carrying capacity of the Ergo GT makes it suitable for a broad range of applications. The versatility and durability of the design means that Ergo GT wheels are optimized for use by a comprehensive range of industries, including: 

Benefits of the Torus™ wheels

Our precision-engineered Torus™ wheels feature sealed precision bearings and deliver exceptional performance in conditions ranging from minus 40 degrees F to 180 degrees and more. The Torus™ wheel is designed to provide easy turning under the heaviest loads because the design maximizes tensile strength, creating remarkable elongation and break ratings.

Each wheel offers maintenance-free operation, noise reduction, reduced push-pull requirements, and excellent floor protection. The result is a superior quality wheel built around a sturdy aluminum core that is light, durable, and won’t suffer tread separation.

When you want reliable, customizable, durable solutions, we recommend the Blue 92A, Red 85A, Grey 85A, and Black 70D. Depending on your application, these wheels can be customized for noise reduction, electrostatic dissipation, exceptional hardness, and other qualities. 

Our Torus™ wheels are used in a broad range of industries, including:

  • Automotive Manufacturing Assembly Lines
  • Tow Line Applications
  • And more!

The Right Wheel for Any Industry!

At RWM, we take pride in creating products that serve nearly every industry. Our attention to detail and commitment to innovation enables us to provide custom solutions engineered to deliver reliable performance in any climate, operational environment, or application. When you need wheels that can traverse snow, ice, grease, dirt, metal chips, and other challenging conditions, you can always rely on our custom casters and wheels to get the job done! 

Our Torus™ wheels and Ergo GT wheels can be customized to meet your needs and deliver optimal performance, safety, and reliability. This includes modifications to improve impact resistance, extend temperature performance, prevent de-bonding or flat-spotting, improve rollability, reduce noise, reduce push/pull requirements, and more.

These wheels and many others can be used within the following industries and more:

Depend On RWM

At RWM, our American-made components help businesses nationwide achieve their goals. As the originator and recognized market leader of Kingpinless™ casters, our solutions are engineered to outperform the competition. We have assembled teams of dedicated designers, engineers, distributors, and support staff whose attention to every detail and commitment to innovation help us deliver the highest quality solutions at competitive prices. 

When you want to enjoy industry-best lead times, second-to-none innovation, and the highest quality standards, contact us to learn about the solutions RWM offers! 

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