Why Is Zinc Plating So Popular?

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Corrosion prevention is critical for the long-term reliability of your casters. That’s why zinc plating is a popular feature in the caster industry. While many finishes can halt or postpone corrosion as a caster ages, zinc plating is the most effective and reliable.

At RWM, we can help you determine which type of zinc plating and associated options will provide the enhanced protection your casters need to deliver the smooth and consistent operation you require.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

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Once a zinc coating is applied, it’s unlikely you will ever need to do anything more than basic maintenance and cleaning to enjoy the durable protection it offers. While zinc will still corrode, it does so significantly slower than steel or other coatings.

Even when chipped, scratched, or dented, zinc coatings will continue to protect the underlying metal. When this happens, the zinc becomes an anode that attracts the electrons from the exposed steel, counteracting the formation of corrosion.

This is in sharp contrast to paint or other barrier methods that lose their effectiveness when the underlying metal is exposed. With barrier coatings, these electrons have nowhere to flow, so the underlying metal will start to corrode beneath the remaining coating.

Zinc Plating Options

Not all zinc plating options are the same. At RWM, we offer four different types of zinc plating, including Type I (silver), Type II (zinc with colored chromate coating), Type III (zinc with colorless chromate coating), and Type IV (zinc with phosphate conversion coating). Coatings are available in thicknesses ranging from .0002 to .001.

These options allow you to select the ideal plating for your operational conditions. The result is a superior product customized for use in assembly lines, food processing facilities, slaughterhouse applications, cleaning applications, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Post-Sealers Boost Protection

Post-sealers can be applied to the zinc plating to enhance the anti-corrosive protection, further shielding your casters from corrosion. These coatings are a cost-effective investment and are strongly recommended in applications where scratches, dings, and dents go hand in hand with getting the job done.

Read and download the Zinc Plate White Paper.

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