Are Your Casters Heat Treated?

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Heat treatment of a caster raceway is critically important throughout the industry. However, many customers are unaware of what heat treatment even is or its benefits. If a caster fails, breaks or otherwise wears out, that means downtime for your company followed by the headache and lost time of replacing worn out or broken product. Whether manually pushed or moved under power the strength and durability of a caster is essential to the success or failure of most mobile production equipment.
While various kinds of heat treatment exist, the top performer in caster raceways is case hardening. At RWM, our products are leaders of both performance and longevity. Despite the more involved production process, RWM employs case hardening on all U.S. made Kingpinless caster products. As the original inventor and market leader of Kingpinless casters this process makes for the best product, bar none. We have put together a white paper on the intricacies of heat treatment as it pertains to the caster industry. We urge customers to do research and make informed decisions when it comes to the products your reputation is riding on.

Click Here to Read the RWM Case Hardening White Paper

(This picture shows a RWM rig that has been case hardened. You can tell by the darker outline around the edge of the steel.)

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