Custom Casters? RWM’s Got You Covered.

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You’re working on your new application. You need casters. But the standard caster won’t hit all of the necessary specifications in order for your product to work. You need a custom designed caster that will fulfill every requirement and perform properly. What do you do next? Contact RWM!

RWM has an in-house engineering and design team that can create full 3D CAD design and a quality testing center to guarantee the performance of the product. These factors allow us to produce the most customizable products in the industry. Whether you have an aerospace tool requiring hundreds of thousands of pounds in capacity, a high speed towing application or an ergonomic product in need of custom casters, we’ve got you covered.

RWM is the go-to resource for custom caster design. Contact us to see why RWM’s products are truly Engineered to Outperform.

RWM Customer Service: 800-634-7704 or

shock absorbing casters with double wheels

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