How Are Casters Mounted?

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locking plate scaffold caster

Stem caster (left) and a plate caster (right).

How casters are mounted depends on what type of mount the caster features. Caster mounts can come in two styles, either plate or stem. Plate and stem mounts will both attach your caster to your cart or other project, but each has different advantages and is good for different applications. The type of mount you need will also depend on what you are attaching it to.

Plate-Mount Casters

standard top plate diagram

Pictured is a standard top plate, which is available on many of our caster series. The four oval shapes in the corners are the holes that form the bolt hole spacing.

Plate mounts are a stronger option than stem mounts, making them better suited for heavy industrial settings. Plate-mount casters comprise a flat square plate with holes at each corner, which align with the mounting pattern found on carts and fixtures.

These holes form what is known as the “bolt hole spacing” or BHS and are critical in mounting the caster to any cart. These plates come in various styles and are meant for mounting to various objects, so it is important to ensure the bolt hole spacing on the caster is the same as the product it is being attached to.

To attach a plate-mount caster to a cart or other system, you must line the plate-mount up to the mounting pattern and attach it with bolts that go through the bolt holes. Occasionally, plate casters may be welded to the cart. In this case, no bolt holes are necessary, and only the overall dimensions of the plate come into play.

At RWM, our casters can be paired with a variety of different sizes of top plates to match the mounting pattern on your carts or fixtures.

Stem-Mount Casters

Stem casters use a single rod or stem protruding from the center line of the raceway to secure the caster to various objects. While plate casters are typically used for most medium and heavy-duty applications, most common stem casters are for light-duty applications such as furniture and medical equipment.

Stem casters can be mounted using a variety of methods. Some come with threaded rods that screw in to attach to your cart. Alternatively, hollow kingpin casters can slide over a stud and are bolted in place. Another option is press-fit stems that snap into place, securing the caster and cart together.

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