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The Best Wheels for Automotive Applications

Depending on the configuration and wheel choice, our automotive wheels can deliver a carrying capacity of between 1,200 lbs to more than 40,000 lbs, making them ideal for a variety of uses within the automotive industry. When choosing a wheel for your automotive applications, we recommend the following:

  • RWM Signature Premium Rubber: We engineered these wheels to have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any wheel in the industry. With a lightweight, reinforced nylon core and non-marking elastomeric rubber tread, they provide excellent floor protection, continuous towing, and noise reduction.
  • Urethane Infinity Vulkollan: Thanks to the high-quality Vulkollan® polyurethane material that these wheels are made of, they offer superior abrasion resistance and tear strength. They are also extremely reliable and durable.
  • Whisper Urethane: As the name implies, these wheels are great when you require low noise levels. They are also ideal for use on delicate flooring and bearing heavy loads.
  • Omega Urethane: The Omega Wheels offer many benefits, including carrying large loads at high speeds, resisting chunking and tearing, low maintenance costs, and it retains its bond at high speeds.
  • V-Groove: These high-strength track wheels are lightweight, but still have a carrying capacity of between 700 and 15,000 lbs, making them great for carrying heavy loads without adding significant weight to carts and other equipment.
  • Machined Steel Flanged: A highly versatile option, these wheels are ideal for a number of applications and can withstand many demanding environments.
  • Urethane on Polypropylene: To make these wheels, polyurethane is bonded to a high-density polypropylene core. This allows the wheels to hold up in wet conditions and have a resistance to oils, grease, and most solvents and chemicals.
  • Torus Urethane Wheel: This wheel is a great option for the automotive industry, as it was designed specifically for automotive manufacturing assembly lines! You’ll enjoy floor protection and noise reduction with these wheels.
  • Urethane on Iron: If you need a durable, long-lasting wheel that’s resistant to extreme temperatures, this is the wheel for you! They also provide floor protection, impact resistance, and quiet operation.
  • Ergo GT: For ease of maintenance and superior endurance, look towards the Ergo GT Wheels. They will perform reliably for extended periods under any conditions.
  • Ultra Thick Urethane: The thick tread on these wheels allows for a soft ride and quiet operation, making them useful in towing applications.
  • Forged Steel: These wheels are virtually indestructible! Extremely strong and with high load-bearing capacities, our Forged Steel wheels are ready for your rigorous applications.
  • Nylatron: If you need a wheel for heavy-duty applications, look no further! These wheels were designed with severe loads in mind, while still being easier on your floors than steel or iron wheels.
  • Cast Iron: These wheels offer extreme weight-bearing capacities, are capable for use in high-temperature applications, and are resistant to wet, harsh, and caustic environments. With all these benefits, this versatile wheel is useful for many automotive applications.
  • Urethane on Aluminum: Offering both durability and strength, these wheels are popular for use in automotive applications. They are non-slip, safe for floors, and have a high load-bearing capacity as compared to rubber wheels.
  • Automotive Urethane Wheel: With automotive in the name, it’s no surprise that we recommend these wheels for automotive applications! They are optimized for use within towlines and cellular work.

Check out the casters we recommend for the automotive industry and more about how our products are suitable for automotive applications!

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