Versatility & Durability With the VersaTrac 27® Series Caster

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When you need a light-to-medium duty caster with proven durability and reliability, the VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is the right tool for the job. Available in a broad range of styles and sizes, RWM makes it easy to customize your caster to meet your specific needs. Lightweight and reliable, this design is the solution your business can depend on year after year.

Smooth Movement Guaranteed

The VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is built with your choice of wheels. We offer ball, celcon, oilite, roller, or plain bearings. This allows you to select the bearing that will provide the smoothest movement within your facility.

Plus, the 2.75-millimeter heat-treated raceways won’t suffer brinelling and subsequent loss of function. This process also improves swivel action and extends the serviceable life span of the component.

We also offer wheels in a wide range of materials, including:

  • Soft rubber
  • Performance TPR
  • Urethane polypropylene
  • Hard rubber
  • Phenolic
  • Polyolefin
  • Cast iron
  • Signature
  • High-temperature nylon

Coupled with our half-inch diameter kingpin and three-eighths-inch diameter axle, you’ll enjoy smooth wheel rotation, reliable swivel length, and easier handling as the wheel rolls across everything from carpet to linoleum flooring.

Built for Any Need

RWM’s VersaTrac27® Series Caster is designed to serve a broad range of industries. Zinc plated to provide exceptional protection against corrosion, the caster is suitable for laboratories, factories, offices, food processing facilities, and more. Our clients typically affix this caster to:

  • Bins
  • Cases
  • Racks
  • Tables
  • Commercial appliances
  • Display stands
  • Printers/copiers
  • Carts
  • Dollies

Diameters You Desire

The right diameter can make all the difference. That is why we manufacture the VersaTrac 27® Series Caster in 3.5-, 4-, and 5-inch diameters, with wheel widths of a standard 1.25 inches across this range, giving our wheels a capacity of 150 to 300 pounds. This makes it easy to select a diameter that will facilitate smooth and stable movement across your floors while also taking into account any obstacles inherent to your facility.

Depend On RWM for Your Business

RWM’s VersaTrac27® Series Caster is the product of nearly 100 years of experience. Since 1935, our company and dedicated teams have designed, engineered, and manufactured a broad range of wheels and casters for clients throughout the world. Whether you work in aerospace, food production, equipment manufacturing, or other industry, we have the solution your business needs to move forward!

Contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704 to learn more about the many benefits and uses of our VersaTrac27® Series Casters. We’re always ready to give you the answers you need to make the best decision for your business!

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