Kingpin Casters

Versatile and strong kingpin casters are commonly used throughout industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, textile, bakery, and commercial materials handling. Caster assemblies serve as the mounting yoke (or fork) for the swivel wheels of a cart or towline.

When you need to move heavy items quickly and maneuver easily, RWM Kingpin casters offer incredible variety to suit any need. Depending upon your intended use, and the weight of items you typically need to move on your castered carts, our team can create the exact industrial casters you need.

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Kingpin casters have been used for decades across numerous commercial and industrial applications. When you see swiveling casters on a cart, dolly, scaffolding, or display stand, chances are they’re Kingpin casters. Could this be the right solution for the light- to medium-duty application you have in mind? Learn more about this technology and the offerings from RWM Casters to help answer this question.

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Kingpin Caster Diagram


Swivel Cross Section


RWM Casters, the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster, is the recognized market leader for industrial casters. Don’t purchase an inferior knock-off—contact RWM Casters for proven winning solutions.

What are Kingpin Casters?

Kingpin casters are widely used throughout various industries to give wheels a swiveling action. They are a strong, economical option for light- to medium-duty applications. Their load-bearing capabilities come from a central Kingpin, which holds the swivel raceways and ball bearings together. This Kingpin takes the form of a rivet or bolt, available in various sizes based on the needed capacity.

Most Kingpin casters are appropriate for bearing loads less than 2,000 lbs. Suitable applications should involve minimal impacts and infrequent towing. For heavy-duty uses with higher load-bearing capacities, impact resistance, and towing capabilities, you need Kingpinless casters. RWM Casters is the original inventor of this technology, making our Kingpinless casters the best on the market.

Benefits of Kingpin Casters

If you’re searching for industrial swivel casters, consider the Kingpin technology before you look into other options. The benefits of this design include:

  • Affordability: Because they are designed for light- to medium-duty applications, Kingpin casters are more affordable than heavy-duty options. If your load-bearing needs are less than 2,000 lbs, you could save by choosing Kingpin casters.
  • Adjustability: The threaded Kingpin design, in particular, allows you to tighten the rivet or bolt in instances when you want to decrease the swivel action of your casters without the need to take apart the entire assembly. This accessibility also makes Kingpin casters faster and easier to clean.
  • Long lifespan: The Kingpin design makes it possible to adjust the nut as the swivel section wears out, prolonging the life of the caster. There is no way to make this adjustment with a Kingpinless caster.

Types of Kingpin Casters

There is a tremendous array of Kingpin casters available today. Some have unique features, such as the economical locking stem caster, which allows users to brake at various positions while swiveling simultaneously.

There are also our Freedom® Series casters, which offer the benefit of being maintenance-free with no lubrication required. Our pneumatic stem casters are another unique option designed for applications requiring a cushioned ride.

Applications for Kingpin Casters

We offer a wide range of Kingpin casters, each with different sizes, materials, load-bearing capacities, compatible wheel types, brakes and locks, and available customizations. This makes them appropriate for numerous industries, including textile, aerospace, automotive, bakery, medical, tire manufacturing, and more.

If you have a specific application in mind, we can help you select the right Kingpin casters for the job—or we can recommend Kingpinless casters if they are a more suitable choice. The potential applications for Kingpin casters include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Tooling carts
  • Sort decks
  • Bins and cases
  • Carts, dollies, and trucks
  • Retail fixtures
  • Display stands
  • Medical equipment carts
  • Foodservice and processing equipment
  • Commercial appliances
  • Business machines

Choose RWM Casters for Kingpin Casters

Our vast selection of Kingpin casters is suitable for any light- to medium-duty application you can think of. Each caster comes in multiple sizes, styles, and configurations and has extensive customization options. This means, if you need Kingpin casters for a unique application, we can custom design a solution to meet your needs.

Don’t purchase an inferior knock-off—contact RWM Casters for proven winning solutions! Call us today at 800-634-7704 to learn more.

VersaTrac 27® Series Casters
up to 700 lbs.

RK Series Casters
up to 900 lbs.

WT Series Casters
up to 1,400 lbs.

40 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

45 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

46 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

52 Series Casters
up to 1,400 lbs.

53 Series Casters
up to 1,800 lbs.