Kingpin Casters

As a leading manufacturer of industrial casters, RWM Casters offers an exceptional inventory of high-quality kingpin casters. Whether you’re looking for pneumatic, stainless steel, or shock-absorbing casters, we offer the options you need. Our casters are built to endure even the harshest industrial applications, and they’re well-suited for various industries, from manufacturing and the automotive industry to aerospace and more. In short, we have the casters you need, no matter what field you work in.

Check out our selection of casters below, and use the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Then, contact us at 800-634-7704 to ask questions about our selection or to place your order.

Kingpin casters are widely used and common throughout the industry. They often provide a strong and economical approach to load bearing through the use of a central kingpin that holds the swivel raceways and ball bearings together. This Kingpin is often in the form of a rivet or bolt of varying size based on capacity needs. Kingpin casters are most commonly used for light to medium duty applications where impacts and towing are less commonly experienced.


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RWM Casters, the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster, is the recognized market leader for industrial casters. Don’t purchase an inferior knock-off—contact RWM Casters for proven winning solutions.

VersaTrac 27® Series Casters
up to 700 lbs.

RK Series Casters
up to 900 lbs.

WT Series Casters
up to 1,400 lbs.

40 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

45 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

46 Series Casters
up to 1,200 lbs.

52 Series Casters
up to 1,400 lbs.

53 Series Casters
up to 1,800 lbs.